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以下文档样本用于有需求的相关团体及单位。Digi-Pas® 参考维护拷贝的技术论文,网络学术期刊,技术会议,文档等.



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» IoT-enabled intelligent MEMS-driven 2-axis Precision Digital Level: real-time wireless reading & tracking measurements with Smart Mobile Devices - Industry 4.0.*.*Mr. Koh Wai Kin; Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
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» Compensating Cross-Axis Error in 2-axis MEMS angular measuring device: A comparative study with Pendulum-inductive, Pendulum-capacity and Servo-driven angular measuring instruments.*Mr. Simon Moe
Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.
» Characterizing and testing of 2-axis ultra-high precision digital levelling and wide-range angular measurement.*Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
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» Thermocompensated SuperMEMS sensor module for 2-axis precision digital levelling for operating in wide-temperature range environment.*Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.
» A Comparative Study on Testing of Wide-Range Angles Precision 2-axis Digital Angular Measuring Instrument.Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.;
Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
Ms. J.H.Lau
» The implication of Swash Error to calibration system uncertainty when testing high accuracy inclinometer utilizing MEMS technology.*Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.
» Quantifying cross-axis error in wide-range angles and high precision digital levelling instrument utilizing ultrahigh precision nanotech turning machine.*Mr. Kuu Bi Yong;
Dr. Li Hui Hong J.K.


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